Could crowdsourcing solve travel’s video shortage?


Apple sold its one billionth iPhone today.  The relevance to the tech sector is massive; It took the entire personal computer industry 25 years to ship its one billionth PC.

But for the travel sector the fact that there are currently 1.5 billion smartphones with high definition cameras built in is even more interesting. By 2018 this figure will be 2.5 billion and many of these will have 4K-capable cameras. 

At the same time, the tourism marketing industry is desperate for video content. Over 70% of destination marketers says they need more video content. The other 30%, well…

One of the bolder start-up ideas out there at the moment is Ciné Souk, which is building the first dedicated travel microvlog platform. It is calling its 90-second video vignettes “microvlogs”. The idea is that each is easily shareable but also able to work collectively to form a bigger picture of a destination.

Ciné Souk has been quietly recruiting freelance travel journalists over the past few months and is readying for official launch later this year. 

The model uses travellers’  own phones to capture the footage that is then edited remotely. Just as Airbnb used people’s spare rooms and Uber used people’s own cars, Ciné Souk aims to effectively crowdsource high resolution video footage by using its suppliers’ own assets.