How to incentivise customers to contribute video for your content marketing campaign

Everybody in marketing knows that if content is king, then video is the emperor.

User-generated video is marketing’s holy grail. Authentic videos are trusted 7x more than advertising. Social media demands real people, not influencers

Vloggi is collaborative filmmaking. Anyone can launch a collaborative video project. Invite and incentivise your contributors and then collate and combine user-generated content.

Get entries from your community, customers, fans, advocates, staff or friends. Each project has a unique URL, allowing you to share the project among your fanbase. You can add prizes to your project to incentivise your fanbase to contribute 10-second micro-vlogs or more extended playlists.

What’s more, is that every project also has a unique QR code, for you to incorporate in your marketing collateral for easy upload access.

Here is how it works:
When you start a project in Vloggi Studio and write your project brief, you can add an incentive in the prize field. Here you can introduce an incentive or prize for your contributors (customers, fans, advocates, staff or community) to get them excited about your project. The sky’s the limit for your incentive. Make it a fun game of skill*.

For example, the Eastern Suburbs Mums Facebook group offers Mamasai massage vouchers for the best playground reviews.

If you are a coffee shop, you could offer free coffee for a week or coffee beans for the best review clip uploaded.

If you are running promotion at a hotel, you could offer a dinner at your restaurant for the best Vloggi or Vloggi story and so on.

Use your imagination and make your project fun for the contributors and watch how your video library grows day by day!

We even have couples using Vloggi to crowdsource wedding reception videos, where no prize is required to incentivise the revellers.

*If you run an online competition or trade promotion lottery in Australia, i.e. a game of chance, you may be required to hold a permit. This includes competitions on social media networks. Games of skill are not regulated, however to qualify as a game of skill, there must be a judge and set criteria to win. The regulations vary between each Australian state and are subject to change. You should visit the website of the relevant authority to find out more information in relation to the permits and rules for running an online competition or trade promotion lottery.
Please note we do not offer tax or regulatory advice. Please check online competition rules in your state or country

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