Destination partners

Destination partners

Ciné Souk’s main aim is to showcase the world’s best travel destination through the eyes of real travellers. We work with destination marketing organisations of all sizes to source great user-generated video content. We work with official tourism boards, ministries, local councils and chambers of commerce. 

Pyramid tier 3.pngPyramid tier 3.png

Tier 1 – National

National tourism boards, tourism ministries

Tier 2 – Subnational

State, territory, province or prefecture tourism boards

Tier 3 – Regional

Regional tourism boards

Tier 4 – City

City visitor or convention bureau, city councils

Tier 5 – Local

Chambers of commerce, neighbourhood tourism committees

We work with Destination Partners to plan our filmmakers’ itineraries to showcase their destination’s attractions and experiences. Our short, sharable travel films are provided as native content for our partners to use through their own social media channels. 

We have sponsorship packages available for each tier of the destination marketing pyramid.