What is Ciné Souk?

The first crowdsourced travel film production platform.

How does Ciné Souk work?

Ciné Souk is a travel video production company that uses freelance travel journalists to capture footage. We then edit the films down into 90-second videos, publish them and then share the proceeds with the filmmaker.

How do I make money?

Filmmakers will be paid a set fee for each video footage they produce. Once we move out of our beta testing phase, a revenue sharing model based on real views will apply. 

How do I make films for you?

Become a Filmmaker and be one of the first to be contacted to make films around the world.

Do I need to be a travel journalist?

No. We are concentrating on travel journalists in our initial phase, as they have proven abilities to tell travel stories. But after we finish beta testing, we will open registrations up to talented amateurs as well. 

Where can I see sample videos?

We publish our videos on a variety of sites including our YouTube channel and Facebook page. We are also building our own video publishing microsite for each series. 

How much money can I make?

We plan share our revenue 50:50 with filmmakers. The success of a travel video relies on engaging content coupled with search engine optimisation. The better you front up the camera and the more accurate tags you enter, the more your video will be viewed.

How can destinations sponsor blogs?

During our closed beta program we worked with a small number of tourism boards, destination marketing organisations and local councils in a beta program around the Life In My Hood series.

We have now opened our sponsorship programs up to any destination marketing organisation on a per-episode and per-series basis. Please see our pricing page for further details. 

We also work with travel brands to bring user-generated content to everyone. 

When can I start filming?

Firstly, register your interest. Then a member of the Ciné Souk team will assess your credentials and be in touch. Your geographic location, travel plans and previous experience will be taken into account when commissioning you for jobs. 

Do I have to film in your format?

Yes. In order to keep all videos to exactly 90 seconds and to make them as indexable as possible by search engines, we fit all our our films into a set format. 

I have a video blog already. Can I sell my films on your service?


Will I need editing software?

No, you won’t need to worry about editing. Our team here cuts, splices and captions your raw footage.

Can I develop my own format?

Yes. We are developing formats for every niche interest we can think of, but there are hundreds we haven’t thought of. Contact us with your idea on how you and others can make 90-second films on something people do when they travel.

Will you have apps available?

Yes, we will release a video editing app preloaded with popular formats so you can edit your own videos on the go. Stay tuned in 2017.

Are there limitations on the types of videos that can be uploaded on Ciné Souk?

Ciné Souk celebrates the experiences we enjoy when we travel. Anything is possible so long as the content is legal in jurisdictions where we operate.

Are you looking for investors?

Yes. We have a number of easy stage funders but will be launching a seed and series A funding round before the end of 2016. If you’re interested in investing, please contact us at invest

Do you have a program for travel agents?

Not yet, stay tuned. If you’re interested, please contact us at hello@cinesouk.com

How many blog series are there?

We will launch with 10 formats covering popular travel content such as hotel reviews, neighbourhood guides, restaurant critiques and highlight lists. We plan to have over 100 formats by the end of 2017 and add more to respond to every travel trend or niche. 

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