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How it works

At Ciné Souk we make short, shareable travel videos using travellers’ own smartphones.

Here’s how you can access our network of travel filmmakers.


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  1. Post a film trip

Each of our video blog shows is targeted at a specific travel niche. Destination marketing organisations first select the niche blog they’d like filmed in their town, then work with their partners to build a video press trip around it. It could be as small as providing a single tour or a single meal complimentary. Our vloggers then apply to film the footage, based on their expertise and location. 


Davd Rowan suitcase.jpgDavd Rowan suitcase.jpg

2. Our vloggers make the film

Once assigned, our vloggers film to a set brief for each templated video blog. Each episode of a blog series has the same elements, styling and content holders, leaving the vloggers to personalise it through their personality, perspective and point-of-view. 


Life In My Hood on phone.jpgLife In My Hood on phone.jpg

3. Pay per view 

We aggregate all the eyeballs a video receives across all social media platforms, as well as our own video magazine, and charge the video sponsor per view. Destinations own their own location tag and pay only while their membership is active.