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About our video blogs

Everyone travels for a different reason.

At Ciné Souk we don’t make one-size-fits-all videos.

We make very targeted, very specific short films about single travel experiences. 


NICHE noun_116518.pngNICHE noun_116518.png

We have developed 10 travel video blog series, each unique to a specific target market. We are also working on a range of niche travel video blogs for specific traveller segments. Our short travel films work best as content sequenced together into a destination blog comprised of multiple episodes.


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Our video blogs films don’t cover an entire country or even a state. They focus on one experience at a time. This could be a city neighborhood, a tour or a regional driving route.  We know your destination has something for everyone, but don’t expect everyone to watch the same film. 


Travel video on iPhone noun_153251.pngTravel video on iPhone noun_153251.png

Each episode of of travel video blogs are 90 seconds long and feature captions. This makes them perfectly formatted for viewing on mobile devices. Our filmmakers shoot in landscape, however, so our films also look great on desktops and televisions.